Tikli 2-piece extensional ladders A37 (3,7m)

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Domestic high quality extensions are transformed into many.

 Convenient to use as an adjustable extension, in single step and with the optional conversion kit as an A-type. A strong aluminiumprofile or (65/27) mm or (75/27) mm * together with a bobbin (35 x 35) mm attachment technique makes the staple lightweight and safe to use.

Tikli Hobby Extension ladders are no longer in production.

With accessories, more safety and convenience:

  • With the top-platform accessory, you can lift the top level from the wall surface and paint it easier. (compatible to Tikli standard ladders width 405mm)
  • Element and top hooks increase safety.
  • The conversion kit (horizontal bracket and safety strap) makes it possible to use the ladder as an A-type.
For professional use!
Product fills:
EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017, EN 131-1:2015, only with stabiliser bar (max. load 150 kg)

Product code: A37
EAN-code: 6 417678 111374

Product measuring data

Extensional ladder maximum length (cm)
Working height (cm)
Transport lenght (cm)
Width (cm)
Extensional ladder height as A-model (cm)
Extensional ladder working height as A-model (cm)
Weight (gram)

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