Ladders and Scaffolds

Tikli ladders and scaffolds meet the needs of the most demanding professional users. We have a wide range of products to both professionals and hobbyists.


Browse our ladders and scaffolds or check out "Safe work stands and standing ladders" (Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT) and products that fill the Government Decree on the Safety of Construction Work (VNa 205/2009).

We have been manufacturing high quality Tikli aluminum ladders, scaffolds and workstands for both professionals and households since 1991. We are the market leader in ladders in Finland and our products are tested according to Finnish quality standards.

The high quality of Tikli products combined with the well-groomed appearance have made classic TIKLI products. Our specialist vendors will be happy to help you find items from our product range that suits you best.


Sales - Ladders and scaffolds

Pirkko Isoranta

Product Group Manager
Ladders & Scaffolds, Mitax, Sheds
0207 609 252

Miika Jaatinen

Regional Sales Manager
Ladders & Scaffolds, Mitax
0207 609 253