Garden sheds and fences

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Framing for life

Tikli’s fences and sheds are a long-lasting, modern and quickly assembled solution for
comfortable living in cities and built-up areas. Our aluminium fences let you build personalised
and stylish structures, and our finished sheds provide options for storage and garbage disposal
from small dustbin sheds to large bicycle shelters.


Tikli fences make your property into a yard! Thanks to their modular construction, Tikli
aluminium fences are easy to install and adjust in terms of dimensions. The modern and
timeless air of our fences is suitable for framing both single family homes and public spaces:
Tikli fences are also especially well-suited for condominium yards. Aluminium is easy to
maintain, which lowers maintenance costs and keeps the yard neat and pleasant to be in year
after year. Aluminium fencing is an excellent choice for those who value durability and easy

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