Further processing of aluminium

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We operate flexibly and productively as a seamless part of the client’s production and service chain. CNC tooling centres for aluminium with 3 to 5 axles as well as automatic sawing units will guarantee an excellent result, always on schedule. We are members of the LA Alucenter work, which is why we can offer our clients extremely versatile further processing of aluminium.

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CNC aluminium machining

We are focused on CNC aluminium machining and we intend to be forerunners in the field. We perform machining on both profiles and billets.

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Assembly, cutting, milling

With our skilful personnel, using modern machinery with 3 to 5 axles, we can satisfy our clients’ demanding machining needs. We have several different sawing lines for cutting profiles.

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Management of entities

When necessary, we take care of everything for our clients: material procurement, machining, assembly, storage and logistics. The entities may contain material other than aluminium.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and find solutions together!

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Timo Mastokangas

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Riku Ilomäki

Development engineer
Further processing of aluminium
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Joni Luoma-aho

Technical assistant
Further processing of aluminium
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