Contract Manufacturing

Further processing of aluminum profiles

TehtySuomessaMade in Finland. Since the beginning of 2015, we have worn out the La Alucenter competence network, which is Finland's leading full-service aluminum network. Our activities include, among others, aluminum processing, such as cutting, milling and assembly, part manufacturing and finished products. Our specialty machines, 3-5-axis aluminum CNC machining centers and automatic sawing units make it possible for us to be flexible and productive, seamless in the customer's production and service chain.


Timo Mastokangas
Sales manager
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Quality and service on modern machines!

Machining Centers

CMS Ares 5-akselinen portaali machining center

Tikli alumiinin jatkojalostus - CMS Ares

Machining area 3600 x 1200 x 1500mm

Akira-seiki SV2060

Akira-seiki SV1350

Tikli alumiinin jatkojalostus - Akira-Seiki SV 1350

Pallet changer and rotary table

5-axis Tekna TKE 985

Tikli alumiinin jatkojalostus - Tekna TKE 985

Machining area 8200 x 700 x 300mm

4-axis Tekna TK 447-4

Tikli alumiinin jatkojalostus - Tekna TK 447-4

3-axis ELUMATEC SBZ 122

Tikli alumiinin jatkojalostus - ELUMATEC SBZ 122

Emmegi 2-spoke cutting saw

Tikli alumiinin jatkojalostus - Emmegi 2-teräinen

Radial Star 2 pcs