Smoke vent windows

The Tikli smoke vent windows are suitable for industrial and business construction of all dimensions.


Tikli smoke vent windows are used as part of the extraction of fumes in corporate and industrial buildings as well as blocks of flats. The purpose of the extraction of fumes is to reduce the injuries and property damage caused by fires. The requirements for the extraction of fumes are determined in the regulations on the rescue and construction sectors.

The Tikli smoke vent windows are CE-marked. We use the Purson LK78 system to manufacture our smoke vent windows, and they are compatible with the Tikli Pontti windows and the Purson LK78 window and P50L façade systems. The necessary number of window apertures may be manufactured as smoke vent windows. Our smoke vent windows contain lower hinges and frames opening outwards. We use a chain engine as the opening mechanism. The maximum width of the smoke vent window is 2.4 mm and the height is 1.2 mm.

Smoke extraction systems

We also provide the systems and equipment required for controlling smoke vent windows. The systems are selected according to the fume extraction plan.

Additional information is available at the Tikli helpdesk.

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