Pontti windows - finalised all at once!

The Tikli Pontti windows are unique windows developed for Sandwich elements.


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The Tikli Pontti windows (also known as ribbon windows) are compatible with Sandwich elements (sheet-insulation-sheet). The Pontti windows are installed simultaneously with the Sandwich elements, which significantly accelerates installation, and where necessary, the windows may be installed at a later time. Pontti windows are available for warm (U value 1.0 W/Km²) and semi-warm (U value 1.4 W/Km²) settings.

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Easy installation

The unique fit of the Tikli Pontti window onto Sandwich panels 100–240 mm thick makes the installation extremely rapid, thus lowering the construction costs. Separate listings are not required when performing the installation simultaneously with Sandwich panels!

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Suitable for various sites

The Tikli Pontti windows are available in standard size, 600–6,400 mm in width, equipped with 6–57 mm thick glass elements. Where necessary, the windows may be manufactured in a larger size as well.

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In all RAL and RR colours and anodised

The Tikli Pontti windows are available with an anodised finish, in all RAL and RR shades and with a patterned coating, which results in a coating resembling stone, wood or other specialised surfaces.

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