Aluminium doors and windows

Since 1999, we have offered our clients Tikli Pontti aluminium windows and doors which are rapid to install.


Tikli Pontti-windows are aluminium windows of high quality, stylish, and above all, easy to install, suitable for wall element systems. Site-specific measuring will guarantee window elements which are ready to install and fit perfectly without the need for interior and exterior linings. Tikli aluminium doors are used for all types of sites ranging from factory buildings to office buildings and blocks of flats.

Our collection also includes traditional aluminium windows, smoke vent windows and Tikli Säleikkö.

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Aluminium windows & doors

Pirkko Isoranta

Product Group Manager
Ladders & Scaffolds, Mitax, Sheds
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Miika Jaatinen

Regional Sales Manager
Ladders & Scaffolds, Mitax
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